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A leaking tap can be very annoying, not to mention the costs that might accumulate with continued wastage of water.

Most times, in case of a leaking tap Geelong, people just ignore it as a minor issue. We often forget that if the few drops accumulate, it could lead to wastage of money on water bills. In addition, the leaking tap Geelong could pose a health hazard to you and your family. Besides, such exposure to moisture could foster growth of mould or it could make your floors slippery. Having said that, you should repair your leaking tap Geelong, immediately it is noticed. Repairing of a leaking tap Geelong can be a DIY job or you can hire a professional leaking tap Geelong plumber. If you want to repair the leaking tap by yourself, you need to understand the various causes of a leaking tap Geelong.

Causes of a Leaking Tap Geelong


Some taps have an O-ring installed to create a more efficient seal. When this ring becomes loose or is damaged, water could start leaking. This is because when the seal is broken, nothing can prevent water from breaking out. To repair issues with the O-ring, just buy a new one and ensure that it is the right size. This will help to restore the seal and prevent further leaking tap Geelong.


Some taps, particularly, those that have two handles or otherwise known as compression taps tend to have washers. When there is a problem with these washers, the compression taps start to leak. Therefore, check for corrosion, poor installation or damage of these washers. If there is a problem, replace them and your leaking tap Geelong will be repaired.

Cartridge Valve

Cartridge taps are most popular for their ease of opening. If your cartridge taps are leaking, it could be a problem with the valve. Consider replacing the entire valve to solve the leaking tap Geelong problem.

The above are problem areas that could be leading to a leaking tap Geelong. If you want to repair the leaking tap Geelong, you have to check all the above areas and more, to certify where the problem lies. To avoid this hustle, hire a professional. If you are in Geelong and are looking for a leaking tap Geelong professional, look no further. Clearwater Plumbing Geelong is the leading provider for leaking tap Geelong repair and replacement services.

Benefits of Our Leaking Tap Geelong Repair Services?

Quality leaking tap Geelong services

Our team is highly-trained to deliver quality services. They have the required skills to detect problems and repair them accordingly. In addition, they are trained to possess high standards of work ethic. Therefore, they will be friendly and maintain respect all through the project.

Saves you time and money

Instead of taking days to identify where the problem with your leaking taps lie, we only take minutes. Our plumbers have experience with various types of taps. Hence will identify and repair your leaking taps in no time. The result of this is money saved on water bills.

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