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Do you have a Blocked drain Geelong? We are the drain repair, drain camera and drain maintenance specialists in Geelong for commercial and residential clients.

Are your storm water drains blocked, draining very slowly and overflowing at times? Do you have a blocked drain or toilet and require a professional plumber now? For your blocked drain problems, call the Geelong plumbing and drainage specialists servicing all areas in Geelong.

Clearwater Plumbing and Maintenance is a Geelong plumbing company employing only professional Geelong Plumbers that are the very best. We specialise in blocked drains Geelong and drainage maintenance. We handle drainage problems including clearing blocked drain Geelong. If your drains block and you require any drain cleaning we are the blocked drain Geelong Company you need to ring.

Blocked drain Geelong is a common problem for older vintage homes and new homes with incorrectly laid pipe work. Unfortunately this is a common problem, with increased demand for cheaper homes. We use the latest in sewer and storm water drainage repair and diagnostic equipment to clear your drains.

Clearwater Plumbing and Maintenance offers drain repair and maintenance service for blocked drains Geelong, sewers and storm water systems. We service domestic, industrial and commercial clients. Our experienced plumbers can handle the smallest domestic blocked drain right through to drainage excavation, road openings, limited access locations and more. We are a fully licensed and insured. Our team of professional plumbers has over 20 years experience in the plumbing and drainage business.


Damaged pipes can occur from ground movement, tree root intrusion, settling, building or landscaping works. We can diagnose your blocked drain Geelong and locate problems without messy and expensive excavations on your property.


Foreign objects, Grease and scale build up, tree root intrusion can restrict and prohibit proper flow or can block your drain all together. We provide blocked drain Geelong services for blocked sewers and storm water lines throughout Geelong.


Pipes can deteriorate, causing collapses or misalignments in the line and restrict the correct water flow. We have the right equipment and the experience to deal with damaged underground drainage systems.


Seals in pipe joints can break or perish regularly, allowing wastewater to escape into the ground. We can diagnose, locate and repair underground drain leaks.

Blocked drain Geelong can occur at inconvenient times with no way of predicting it. Sometimes the first signs of a drain blockage are terrible odours; water in your toilet might alter in depth and drain slowly. If these signs appear, its time to call your blocked drain Geelong specialist, Clearwater Plumbing & Maintenance.

If the sewer line becomes fully blocked then you will have a mess on your hands. The sewer will back-up through the next lowest opening. Usually, this is your shower or bath. So, if you suspect a blocked drain Geelong, then give us a call to prevent an unneeded mess.

Plumber Geelong

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