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Leaking tap Geelong? Clearwater Plumbing & Maintenance are the professionals to talk to for leaking taps! We can easily fix your leaking tap Geelong.

A Leaking tap Geelong can be hassle.  If left unfixed, it can cost you a lot in water bills and expenses. A small leak can waste thousands of litres of water very quickly! This is adding significant and unnecessary costs to your water bill.

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Leaking tap Geelong are common and can certainly happen in any home. This includes both new and older homes. When they do occur, it’s in the homeowner’s best interest to get it fixed quickly. This will help to stop wasting too much money on water.

Clearwater Plumbing & Maintenance have the tools and the expertise to fix your leaking tap Geelong right away.


We make fixing your leaking tap Geelong efficient and hassle free as possible.

We will do our best to work around you. Call us to book a time that is convenient for you. One of our professional plumbers will come to your Geelong residents or commercial premises to inspect your leaking tap. The plumber will diagnose how to fix it. Excellent and current materials will be used to ensure a job that we can guarantee. Our quote will include any pensioner discounts and servicemen discounts where applicable. For our expert plumbers, the task of fixing leaking taps is an easy job. This will help to reduce the cost for you.


It’s a form of slow torture… that annoying drip drip drip drip. You hear it most at night when you are trying to go to sleep when it’s quiet. With the right knowledge, it’s easy to fix a leaking tap. Call Clearwater Plumbing & Maintenance. We can come over and fix that annoying leaking tap Geelong.

If you have ever talked to anybody who has tried to fix a tap, you have probably heard this:

They first try to pull the tap apart. It takes you an hour or more because the construction is more complicated than it looked.

You then find out you don’t have the right size tap washer. You also do not have the right tools you need to pull the spindle out of the tap. You do not have the know how to service the tap in the right way. Then, you have to make an unplanned visit to the hardware store, which takes a lot of time.

Finally, once you have made the repair, you turn on the water main. Only to find out you have made the leak worse. This can be very totally frustrating.

It is a common for people spend a lot of time and money trying to fix a leaking tap themselves. The last thing you need to do is be fixing a leaking tap after work or during your weekend. Sure have other, more enjoyable things to do. That’s why you would likely call in a professional plumber for leaking tap Geelong.

We receive many jobs from someone trying to fix a leaking tap Geelong himself or herself. They then find that the job was more complicated than anticipated. Mixer taps are complicated to repair and sometimes you should just replace the tap altogether.

To avoid wasting precious time, frustration and aggravation in your home, call a professional plumber in to fix a leaking tap Geelong.


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